Whoa! What happened? When Registrars are a pain in the Ass

administrative problems

Sup guys! Kinda wish I could fly away on my jet plane. Hence the photo!

Just wanted to drop you guys are quick note and let you know what a struggle I have had with renewing my domain this year. I really want to apologize to you guys! You are the lifeline of there is no business and me blogging about anything.  Super happy you stop by and that you can actually access this page today.

Now I have to introduce you to my rant about the company that I’m dealing with that runs this website. I will invite you because none of what I’m about to write is that positive to go ahead and check out if you like. You don’t really need to stick around here make me whine about how I’m up sad and how I’d like to transfer my domain to some other registrar. But if you’re so inclined and you have a cup of coffee and you ready to join in with me on a little bitch fest, jump right in.

Normally I don’t talk about this administrative/technical stuff on my blog but I just have to mentioning here. A couple of months ago I went ahead and renewed. I spoke to customer support ad online NIC. They are like Godaddy. They told me that everything was said and that I had to renew it a certain way. I follow the instructions and thought everything was complete. That was until yesterday when I came online and I’ve looked to see what was going on. I noticed that the site had been taken down. I contacted customer support again and then they told me I had to become a reseller in order to be able to renew the domain. I had to give them like an extra hundred dollars because they wanted me to become a bronze level member. They then told me that I can renew the domain for 10 years with the money that I was giving them. Obviously I don’t really understand how these guys work. Also their technical support sucks!

As a matter fact I hope one of those bastards reads this. Most sites that I have ever owned or relatively easy to operate. If time came to renew it, all I had to do was click a couple buttons and send my payment. I’ve never experienced this become a bronze member bullshit. By the way if anything on the site offends you, I’m happy to show you the door.  I told you up above that it was can I get kind of hairy here, So why didn’t you leave then?

Just pretty ticked about these guys and what they’ve done. Granted I have been busy doing some other things and I haven’t been posting lately, but why would you take my site down and tell me everything was okay?  I really don’t get it.

Alright, that’s it for now. I promise I am done. I’ve shed all the tears into my beer that I needed to this morning. Now it’s time to focus on some beautiful things. And, I have to it meant that when I do focus on the positive things out there lots of great things happen. I read a statement from a friend of mine yesterday that your vibe attracts your tribe and that’s how I want to live.

With that said, have a great day and thanks for stopping by to check in on things here at blueshawk.info.

I will catch up with you in my next post. I am off for some beach time on this glorious Saturday morning. Ahhhh…. Remember Saturday morning cartoons? Those were amazing mornings. All seemed right with the world. I hope you have a great day!