The courage to follow your passions

For 10 years I played it safe. I was in a boring, corporate career. It was easy, I knew all the roads in hell so to speak. I did what I knew, but the thing that I realized was that I really wasn’t living with a genuine purpose in mind.

I was simply going through the motions. What I once was passionate about had changed. The problem was I didn’t even really understand it when my passion for the career I was in dwindled.

I recently gave notice at my corporation and served out the final month of my “sentence.” At least that was how I felt. I no longer wanted to be there and every day was tedious to say the least.

I look back now and recognize that my passion dried up long ago.

I had taken the position with this company because my previous position at a large medical firm included a lot of travel. This was taking a major toll on my family life.

I decided to change the tides and take a local job. I was fully aware that I would make less money, but at least it was a way to work on my marriage and try to keep things together. Next thing I knew 5 years went by, and I realized that the passion I once had for my new position had dwindled.

I was still there for one reason….money. It was safe, provided a great steady income, but inside I was dying a little more each day. I knew I had to make a change and I was headed for disaster.

Funny thing was, I still ended up getting a divorce and moving out. Everything I had worked for in the past 18 years was split between my ex wife, attorneys and me. The family was devastated. I realized that we do things sometimes just because we think it will help, but the truth is some problems are bigger than our ability to fix them.

If you find yourself striving, thinking that happiness is just around the corner, think again. I went out on my own to become my own artist to forge a new path, and the freedom that has come with that has been enormous.

No more boss, no more schedule, no more bs. Now, I get to dream again. I get to imagine things that could be possible.

For example, right now I am imagining the art of my new business taking off. I am in high demand, and I am genuinely making a difference.

I say genuinely making a difference because I realize that within the next 100 years, most of my labor will have little to know value. No one will even know my name. My great grandchildren may not even know what I did for a living. So, how do I leave the best legacy possible?

I think it is to follow my heart, to aspire to take the torch that my family gave me higher up the mountain. I don’t know what that will look like exactly, but the truth is the more advantage I can give to those that are going to come after me and the more I am able to convince them that they need to follow their passions even when they change mid way through life that I have somehow given them the necessary platform for them to climb to the next level.

I am encouraging you today to follow your passions. You found this site probably most likely by chance or accident. It is like a message in a bottle for you. Follow your heart. Treat your fellow man how you would want to be treated and offer to him more value than you take and you will always do extraordinarily well.

I am so excited about the possibilities that are in sight now. I am so excited about all the things that are in store for me and for you. I see amazing things on the horizon.

I will never forget the story that my dad told me before his death. He said, he was in Maine laying on an orange raft looking up at the sky as the clouds passed by. He said, I laid there wondering what my life would hold. He was 15 at the time.

So, what did his life hold? It held ups and downs, it held difficulties and victories, but it also held me and now I reflect on him.

We don’t get forever here. Make it count. Don’t waste time searching down the wrong path for happiness. I was once told that desire reveals design and design reveals destiny.

So, what do you have in your heart to do? What music do you want to play? What pieces of art work do you want to create? What lights you up inside when you think about it?

Chances are, somewhere in those desires a secret is present. One that tells you what you were made for. If you can hone in on that, you can aspire to greatness.

I love hearing a guitarist playing a rift he/she loves. They are so in it. You can feel it, you can see it, you can hear it.

Follow your passions.