On Stage

About us:

Blueshawk.info has been around for quite a while. We are committed to helping artists get noticed out there. We used the classic symbol of art the “Blueshawk” guitar as our symbol to the world. We hope that it isn’t ambiguous. We consider it classically progressive.

That is what represents us. We love progress and originality. But, we don’t want to lose our roots. We feel it’s gotta all be seamless, connected, flowing. It’s gotta be the right vibe all the time. No compromise.

After all, if it’s worth doing….it’s worth doing the right way every time.

If you have a musical or art festival, we want to showcase it here. Feel free to contact us for us to put up info on your new jams and your performances.

We originally wanted this site to be somewhat of a message board site, but with the twist of art and music.

We aren’t sure we can accomplish this well, but we’s gonna try, man!

If you have ever been to a live open air concert with your blanket or found your own grassy seat, then you already know a lot about us. We love new, up and coming artists.

There is nothing like open air, there is nothing like a hungry artist.

The energy is contagious. We thrive on this type of energy.

My name is Blue and I want to bring that energy to this page. So, that all of us can join the vibe that we seek.

Thanks for stopping by. Check back with us often to see what’s new, up and coming. We will be here. Read our posts, comment on our blog. Give us feedback and let us know what you want to see here too.

This site is as much about you as it is about us. We want our readers to find real value in what we are doing.

Stick with us!