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Welcome to the Front Row. We are dedicated to bringing you all things related to groovy music, up-tempo beats and everything that cleanses the soul musically.

We love the blueshawk sound and recommend it to anyone who loves to get down!

Ahhh the wonderful blues. It’s more than Lisa Simpson, there are the greats out there like: Etta James, Guy Davis, Big Momma Thornton, Louis Jordan and Ray Charles.

Nice example.


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We love music, art and photography. Art in so many forms is an expression of the soul. We encourage musicians to take as much care and pay as much attention to the art work that surrounds their albums and online presence as they do their music. It all matters and unfortunately most still judge a book by its cover.

Take any of today’s popular artists and look at the expressive art work they choose to represent their label. They are certainly not leaving anything to chance.

For example think of Pink’s music/album covers. They are brilliantly laced with colors and images.


These pictures have been taken to suit the look and feel of an musician and artist. The bold color scheme all works together and at the heart of the pictures is a specific lighting.

We recommend taking your art photography during the golden hour 1 hour after sunrise and before sunset (some argue before and after these events too. This time of the day allows natural lighting to make the photography pop.

A warning to musicians: if your photos stink chances are no one will want to hear the music. Take special caution and allow yourself time to get the perfect art work. Better yet, hire a professional.

Based on genre too you might decide to put darker images or lighter images. People often associate the look and feel of the art with the genre of music.


Take for example this photo. What type of genre would you suppose they are?


This is a South Florida band: Dharmata Band. They are a rock band. They can be found on YouTube and have some great music. We love their sound. They are rising stars.

By the pic, you wouldn’t guess that they are classical, right? Make sure to keep that in mind when you are building your branding.

Offering low quality work could hurt any aspiring band. I always encourage them to make a serious effort to brand themselves well.

The keys to making sure that you are producing well quality work is to make sure that the images are clean crisp and visually appealing.

Some even suggest using the golden ratio to design the pictures. Most photographers with a good eye can help you get the right proportions.