Becoming a Musician

Becoming a musician is easier than ever nowadays. Equipment is pretty easy to acquire. Music software is available in abundance. It’s even easy to distribute your music and start making money as soon as possible.

But it’s not so easy to figure out what music genre you might want to play. While you might think playing a music style is as simple as picking your favorite music genre, it’s not. You might like listening to, let’s say, alternative rock style tunes, but you might prefer playing pop rock instead. In this article, we’re going to review a few tips to help you learn what music style or genre you really want to play, so you can start playing as soon as possible.

 Find Your Musical Style or Genre ~ Our Tips

Music manifests in people differently. Some people are naturally attuned to playing one type of music, while others are multi-talented with eclectic tastes. But the best thing about music is that there’s something out there for everybody.

Music styles or genres have pretty definitive sounds. But how you choose to play any particular style reflects your interpretation of that style, which ends up being a sound that’s uniquely yours. Just look at famous musicians and singers—they took the sound of their genre and made that sound theirs.

To find your musical style or genre, try:

Following your passion and musical influences. Remember: the best musicians take music styles and morph its definitive sound into their own. Not only that, using your inspiration from your influences serves as a great starting point if you want to attract fans who might like that sound.

Finding the courage to succeed in your genre. The music world is cutthroat, but that doesn’t mean you should give up if you’re not getting results. It takes time to push forward as a musician. Take one step at a time and treat your experiences – even when you do succeed – as one big learning process.

Working music into your life. It takes hard work and practice to become a successful musician, so don’t put off making music if you do have the time to commit. Put aside lots of time for music, even if you don’t have enough time to play, so you’ll always be learning something each day.

Listening to your influences—inside and outside your genre. You can’t make good music without knowing your stuff. Listen to as much music inside your genre as you can. Don’t forget to try completely new music, too—you might find something that you like!

Building your persona.  (Use great Media) If you’re not particularly outgoing, pretend to be. Or, in other words, work on your music persona. If you feel confident when playing music, you’ll push yourself to perform better and, ultimately, produce great tunes.

Practicing, practicing and more practicing. You can’t become a good musician without practice. If you have the time to practice, go ahead and try. Don’t be afraid to fail or experiment, either. That’s the fun of finding your musical style.