Becoming a Musician

Becoming a musician is easier than ever nowadays. Equipment is pretty easy to acquire. Music software is available in abundance. It’s even easy to distribute your music and start making money as soon as possible. But it’s not so easy to figure out what music genre you might want to play. While you might think […]

The courage to follow your passions

For 10 years I played it safe. I was in a boring, corporate career. It was easy, I knew all the roads in hell so to speak. I did what I knew, but the thing that I realized was that I really wasn’t living with a genuine purpose in mind. I was simply going through […]

Good Times!

Hey Everyone,   Just wanted to let you know we are still getting everything set up for the site. Check back with us frequently to see what we have done! So glad you are here. Hope you will be able to stay a little longer next time.